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Meet The Team

Sarah Montemayor

Sarah Montemayor


A good administrator will do any job simply because it is in the best interest of the residents to have it done! Sarah Montemayor is that person – and so much more. Sarah is the definition through the action of "resident-centered care."

Sarah came to Coventry House in 2004, the second year it was open. She started as a caregiver and, within a year, became the Assistant Administrator. Sarah learned every position before becoming the Administrator in 2007. Since that time, Sarah has guided Coventry House to a number of deficiency-free State surveys by keeping the community in compliance with State requirements for assisted living. Her leadership creates a strong team of caring staff, and the relationships built with outside providers and the community of Othello are outstanding.

Sarah has lived in Othello her whole life. In the years Sarah has been at Coventry House, she has married and had three children – always ensuring she was still "on call" through every event! She brings the same energy to her family and marriage. Her days start early and generally include a full day's work and at least three games or practices for the kids…with her cell phone close by for calls from staff!

Monica Flores

Monica Flores

Assistant Administrator

Monica has been with Coventry House since 2004. A caring, compassionate person, Monica states that she loves being able to be part of Coventry House. After years of caregiving, Monica was allowed to be in a supervisory position. In August of 2021, Monica was offered the Assistant Administrator position she currently holds and performs with all the professional abilities she brought to her other positions. In this role, Monica is responsible for supporting the Administrator with all operation phases, including compliance and care standards.

Monica enjoys spending time with her children and grandson outside work and gatherings with family and friends.

Monica states she has learned a great deal working in health care and is grateful to be able to help others.

Irene Gomez, RN

Irene Gomez, RN

Wellness Director

After receiving her degree in nursing in 2010, Irene went to work for a hospice. During that time, she consulted with Coventry House as an RN and was hired in 2016 to be the Wellness Director. Irene currently works part-time at Coventry House, overseeing resident health and supervising the LPN on staff and all care staff. In addition to hospice and Coventry House, Irene has worked in infection control and corrections.

In her private life, Irene spends most of her time with her three boys, chasing them around the state with all their sports. She states she loves watching sports, especially football, baseball, and wrestling.

Irene shares that she loves sneakers (Jordans especially) and has a large collection. You usually won't see her wearing the same pair within two weeks!

The RN in assisted living is critical, and Irene Gomez fills this role for Coventry House in every way.



The Supervisor system is part of what makes Coventry House work so well and run smoothly. Key caregivers were placed in these positions to become trainers and shift supervisors. Their professional expertise and excellent work ethic drive excellent care for our residents.

Melissa Torres – Supervisor

Melissa started working as a caregiver at Coventry House in April 2012 and was promoted to supervisor in August 2021. Melissa interacts with residents and is a natural leader and team member. Melissa states, "I've learned so much, and I'm forever grateful for the past and the recent residents I've cared for throughout the years. To me, Coventry House is more than just an assisted living facility, and it's more like Family! I enjoy coming into work and seeing my residents, their family members, and my coworkers." There is no way to describe what Melissa brings to Coventry House any better than her statement!

When not working, Melissa enjoys being outdoors. Either camping, boating, going out to the lakes, or watching her children play sports. Melissa also loves to cook and spend time with family and friends.

Elsa Perez – Supervisor

Elsa was hired the week that Coventry House opened, and she has been a part of the solid foundation that makes this community special. Elsa has a grounded, patient, loving demeanor that endears her to residents and allows her to give outstanding care. As a supervisor, Elsa does a great deal of training new staff and the many other supervisor tasks. Very few people know this building, as well as Elsa, and she has always lived the mission statement of Coventry House in her resident-centered approach to her position. "I am devoted to my job," she states.

Elsa earned her High School Diploma and CNA certification while employed at Coventry House. She is a busy lady! She and her husband have four children and nine grandchildren.

Julie Flores – Supervisor

In 2019, Julie began working at Coventry House as an activities assistant. It was clear that Julie enjoyed knowing all the residents and that she was very interested in being able to expand into caregiving. After a year in activities, Julie took her talents and energy into giving care. In 2022, Julie was promoted to Supervisor and has expanded her knowledge and skills in that position. Julie states that she enjoys the greater responsibility of being a supervisor.

A lifelong resident of Othello, Julie says she is a people person and likes to "keep it simple," spending her free time with family and friends.

Nancy Olmedo – Supervisor

After being a stay-at-home mom for her five children, Nancy came to Coventry House as a caregiver in 2018. Her loving, dependable, and professional skills earned her a promotion to Supervisor in 2022.

Nancy, who is originally from Mexico, lived in Nevada for a number of years before moving to Washington in 2015. Nancy enjoys time with her family and horseback riding.

Nancy states that it has been a pleasure to work at Coventry House and that she has learned so much about life in her positions. Her favorite part? Knowing the residents – past and present.

Genesis Casados

Genesis Casados

Office Manager

Genesis is the first smile you generally see when you walk in the community's front door. She is the face of Coventry House, and her welcoming attitude, energy, and love for the residents shine through. Genesis is a support person for the Administrator, but her wide range of tasks and activities reaches every person and corner of Coventry House.

A native of Othello and a mother of a 2 ½-year-old son, Genesis brought her eight years of being a nanny, guaranteed that she would be a great asset to a caring community! Her skills as the office manager are outstanding, but care is the gift Genesis brings!

Genesis loves sports and spending time with her family – usually at a sporting event!

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