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Assisted Living Career Opportunities in Eastern WA

Assisted living caregiver and resident bonding Coventry House Assisted Living recognizes a compassionate team is essential to providing outstanding care and enabling residents to maintain a higher quality of life. Our approach to care puts the residents’ needs at the center, and we are looking for talented individuals to help us in this mission at our assisted living facility. Discover assisted living careers in Eastern Washington at Coventry House Assisted Living.

Open Positions

We’re proud to offer a host of services to help each resident live independently. Our friendly, professional staff assists with the various aspects of daily living, including health monitoring, meal preparation, and housekeeping.

To deliver this wide range of services, we need caring personnel to fulfill numerous roles. Some positions at Coventry House Assisted Living include:

Part-Time Activities Assistant

As the Activities Assistant, you’ll support the Activity Director in planning activities that enrich residents’ lives. Responsibilities include helping the Activity Director with logistics, such as figuring out transportation and the number of personnel required to participate in the event. You may also need to review the budget to determine what activities the facility can reasonably afford. Outside larger events, you’ll help facilitate daily activities like arts and crafts, games, and exercise.

To thrive as a part-time Activities Assistant, you need strong leadership and problem-solving skills to ensure events go smoothly. Effective communication is vital for accommodating each participant's needs and coordinating activities with other staff members. Most importantly, the Activities Assistant should be creative and passionate about their work, constantly thinking of unique ways to engage residents.

Part-Time Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse

Health services require personnel with a medical background. We hire licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) to conduct health monitoring tasks. Daily duties for these roles include:

Overseeing the daily care for every resident

Performing nursing tasks according to company policy and procedure and as permitted by WA state law

Advocating for residents by sharing their needs with healthcare providers and family members

Recording any new developments or concerns with a resident’s conditions or overall health

Completing reports following health incidents and maintaining continual observation and documentation until the issue is resolved

Verifying that each resident’s care plans stay up to date to meet their needs fully

Coventry House Assisted Living looks for LPNs and RNs with the proper certifications. Qualified applicants are those meeting the following qualifications:

Graduated from a state-approved nursing school

Passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) RN or PN examinations

Attained licensure by a state board of nursing to administer care

Part-Time Caregiver

Caregivers are key members of our team, enhancing residents’ lives by delivering consistent, quality care. Beyond that, caregivers strive to ensure residents achieve a meaningful life while receiving assisted living services. They help with the following routine tasks and more:

Hygiene (bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting)




Transitions between activities

Why Choose Careers in Assisted Living?

Careers in assisted living offer advantages found in few other jobs. Not only are you helping residents directly by enabling them to live more independently, but you also can develop lasting relationships with those you serve. You gain the unique perspectives and wisdom of diverse residents, and your empathy for all people is sure to grow by working in these roles.

Another benefit of careers in assisted living facilities is that they can build your sense of teamwork. Cooperation is invaluable at Coventry House Assisted Living, where administrators, supervisors, and other personnel work collaboratively to offer residents superior services and comprehensive care. Meet the team to learn more about our culture and approach to assisted living.

Seek Assisted Living Careers in Eastern WA

At assisted living facilities, careers are available for people with various skill sets, from event planning and coordination to nursing and other medical services. At Coventry House Assisted Living, we offer professionals multiple career opportunities at our facility in the beautiful agricultural community of Othello, WA. To learn more about assisted living or for additional information about open positions, contact us today at 509-488-1000.

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