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Independent Senior Living in Eastern Washington State

Independent senior living is a chance for seniors to live independently without the worry of home maintenance. It can give seniors a chance to live with others their age and not have to worry about the expenses or maintenance of owning a home. An independent senior living community is a great place for active, healthy, and social seniors to enjoy life with other like-minded seniors. Eastern Washington’s Coventry House Assisted Living offers independent senior living for those who want to live independently and still feel like part of a community.

Defining Independent Senior Living

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Independent senior living allows seniors to remain independent without the expense or hassle of owning a home. There is also the support of a caring staff if they need it. However, independent senior living shouldn’t be confused with assisted living and nursing homes. Assisted living and nursing homes differ from independent living communities in the following ways:

  • Medical staff on site: A dedicated medical staff is available to provide medical care as needed.
  • Assistance available: Residents can count on staff for assistance with daily activities
  • Privacy and independence: At an independent senior living facility, there is more privacy and independence. At other facilities, there are usually roommates and little to no privacy with open doors and staff checking on residents frequently.
  • Length of stay: Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are often for those who are sick and need round-the-clock care. Independent living is designed to be a more permanent residence with others in the same age bracket.

No matter what type of living situation you choose, make sure to weigh your options and visit facilities before you make a final decision.

Advantages of Independent Senior Living

If you’re over 55 and find that caring for your home is too much work, independent senior living might be a good choice for you. Independent senior living communities allow you to live independently, while still being part of a community. You’ll be surrounded by people your age, giving you the chance to forge new connections with like-minded individuals. Some of the benefits of independent senior living are:

  • Freedom from chores associated with owning a home, like mowing the lawn and apartment maintenance
  • All-inclusive rent covers everything except personal phone bills
  • Delicious meals made three times a day, with snacks available 24/7
  • Balance of privacy and community
  • Social engagement and new friendships
  • A chance to participate in group activities without having to give up individual hobbies

Independent living doesn’t mean giving up independence, either. While many seniors worry about losing their freedom, this isn’t the case. Residents have private living spaces, which they can furnish how they want, and they don’t have to worry about maintenance. They can live their normal at-home lives while having access to our staff members, who are available 24/7 to assist. ;

Amenities at Coventry House Assisted Living

If you’re looking for a senior independent living community, Coventry House Assisted Living has multiple options, which include:

  • Studio apartments
  • One-bedroom apartments
  • Senior condominiums
  • Single-family homes

For those over the age of 55, Coventry House Assisted Living provides all amenities for residents to settle in and enjoy living independently. Some of our amenities include:

  • Comfortable living spaces to decorate and make cozier
  • Private mailboxes
  • Basic cable and Wi-Fi
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Daily light housekeeping
  • Laundry services
  • Landscaped grounds with a pond
  • Safe walking areas
  • Secure courtyard
  • Libraries
  • Common room with a fireplace
  • Lounge with a TV and games
  • Dining room with social activities
  • Three meals provided each day
  • Snacks available 24/7
  • And so much more

Choose an Independent Senior Living Location for You

If you’re looking for a place to call home and feel safe and secure, consider Othello, Washington’s leading assisted living community. Our beautiful setting is ideal for relaxation and provides picturesque views, no matter where you are on campus. Contact us today to meet the team and learn more about making Coventry House Assisted Living your new home.

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