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Why Work in Assisted Living?

Caregiver having special moment with resident as they share meal together while sitting outsideSenior living communities have much to offer. In addition to services provided to residents, assisted living facilities can offer many career opportunities to those just entering the workforce or anyone wishing to make a career change. Assisted living caregiver is a rewarding job that can deliver individuals several outstanding advantages. Here, Coventry House Assisted Living details the reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in assisted living.

Help Make a Lasting Impact

The purpose of an assisted senior living community is to improve the lives of aging individuals, as well as their families and loved ones. The services performed by caregivers directly impact the quality of life of residents along with their health and safety. Your duties will also provide families with peace of mind knowing their parent or loved one is receiving proper care and attention. The common duties of an assisted living caregiver include:

  • Assisting elderly residents with bathing, grooming, meals, medication reminders, and housekeeping
  • Aiding residents as they move around the senior living facility, including to and from beds, chairs, the bathroom, and vehicles
  • Monitoring elderly or disabled residents for any changes in physical, emotional, or mental health

Another important duty that comes with being a caregiver is providing companionship. All human beings need social interaction, but especially aging adults. Many studies have revealed the negative impact isolation can have on older seniors. Assisted living caregivers can help make a lasting impact simply by socializing with residents and making them feel at home.

Opportunity to Create Special Bonds

Perhaps no other field yields the opportunity to create truly special bonds like assisted living. Given the nature of the role, caregivers get to know their residents on a personal level and establish meaningful connections that are beneficial to both parties. These emotional connections are often considered one of the best benefits the role has to offer by professional caregivers.

Additionally, because the role generally entails working with much older residents, caregivers have the opportunity to learn about values, perspectives, and even cultures from various generations. Caregivers can go on to use these teachings in both their professional and personal lives.

Chance to Strengthen Valuable Life Skills

Performing the duties of an assisted living caregiver requires a certain set of proficiencies. However, many useful life skills can be learned on the job, and existing competencies can be strengthened. These skills can be applied to work scenarios and everyday life situations. Therefore, the senior living industry is a great option for anyone interested in professional and personal growth.

Some of the valuable life skills you will learn or strengthen as a caregiver at a senior living facility include:

  • Time management: Caregivers will be responsible for navigating the schedules of each resident
  • Communication skills: To successfully perform responsibilities as a caregiver, you will need to learn how to effectively communicate with care teams, fellow associates, and residents and their families.
  • Attention to detail: Completing everyday tasks necessitates accuracy to ensure the utmost attention to detail.
  • Initiative: Learning how and when to take initiative is invaluable for caregivers, and they can utilize it both in their profession and their personal lives.
  • Patience: Working with elderly residents who can no longer care for themselves on their own requires supreme patience. Caregivers must remain calm and patient to maintain a nurturing and healthy environment.

Learn More About Caregiver Jobs in Assisted Living

An assisted living caregiver is a meaningful profession that can offer individuals a host of great benefits. They leave work every day knowing they’ve positively affected the lives of some of the most vulnerable in their communities and maintain a wide range of transferable skills.

Located in Othello, Washington, Coventry House Assisted Living offers those interested an opportunity to pursue the role of assisted living caregiver. We welcome anyone who’s qualified and has a passion for helping others to join our team.

Anyone wishing to become an assisted living caregiver at Coventry House Assisted Living can check our career openings or contact us today.

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