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The Importance of Independence as a Senior

Two older adults in workout clothing smiling and going for jog outdoorsWhen seniors and their families begin searching for assisted living communities, one of the first questions many have is whether or not the individual will be able to maintain their independence. With the support of dedicated assisted living staff and the key services and amenities of these communities, residents can retain the lifestyle they’ve come to love while still receiving the assistance they need.

The right assisted living facility delivers the amenities and access to activities that seniors may lack otherwise but always accounts for the sense of independence that all people need to maintain dignity. At Coventry House Assisted Living, we make the transition to assisted living much easier by prioritizing the independence of our residents. Learn more about how assisted living enables residents to maintain independence.

How Does Assisted Living Empower Independent Living for Seniors?

Seeking assisted living services can pose a conundrum for seniors and their families. While some people need extensive help with everyday tasks, others only require minimal assistance. A pervading belief about assisted living is that these assisted living facilities are no different than nursing homes, so it can feel limiting or unnecessary to make an assisted living community your residence.

In reality, moving into an assisted living community can enable you to achieve more independence than you might in your current situation. Consider the following ways in which assisted living makes it easier for seniors to realize independent living:

Access to More Activities

Socializing is essential no matter one’s age but can be especially important for seniors, as being able to engage in many of the same activities they always have is a key indication of their independence. For aging adults who are homebound or otherwise restricted, families must ensure they have access to ample opportunities to socialize with others.

Assisted living communities provide many opportunities for seniors to stay social through a range of events and activities. These offerings cater to different interests, giving residents the freedom to fill their calendars with activities that most bring them joy.

Access to Transportation

For some individuals, the major factor limiting them from experiencing independence is the lack of access to transportation. At one time, they were capable of driving themselves or taking the bus to doctor’s appointments and the grocery store, but now they have to rely on a family member or friend to help them get where they need to go.

Most assisted living facilities offer reliable transportation services to help residents get to appointments, run errands, and attend other engagements. With these services, residents can retain some of their independence by scheduling outings at times that meet their needs. Examples of transportation services include:

  • Weekly visits to churches, synagogues, temples, or mosques
  • Trips to local supermarkets and stores
  • Trips to local libraries and parks

In addition to helping seniors feel more independent, these services also give families peace of mind that the resident is getting to and from appointments and stops safely.

Healthy Lifestyle

Independence isn’t just about doing what you love to do when you want to do it. It’s also about the freedom to make choices for your overall health and wellness. For example, many seniors value having control over what they eat and how they exercise.

Assisted living communities generally offer services that promote better physical, emotional, and mental well-being for seniors. This may come as a structured wellness program, or include amenities that enable residents to maintain a healthy diet and get adequate, low-impact exercise.

For example, a facility may have a gym or offer well-manicured landscaping for residents to get outside for walks in the fresh air. Residents will also have access to nutritious meals and snacks, which they eat in dining rooms with other residents. When seniors maintain healthy lifestyles, it helps them feel better and motivates them to take advantage of all services and activities at the assisted living facility.

Independent Living at Coventry House Assisted Living

At Coventry House Assisted Living, we offer several options for seniors searching for a safe and secure neighborhood to maintain the most independent living possible. Residents live in senior condominiums, assisted living apartments, or single-family homes, depending on their unique needs.

Our dedicated staff understands how important it is for seniors to retain independence. To this end, they organize onsite activities, as well as field trips and outings, to help residents stay active and engaged. At the same time, the team monitors our communities 24/7 to ensure cleanliness and safety and oversees the health of each resident to ensure they receive nutritious meals and snacks and access to swift care when needed.

Residents also find numerous amenities to fill their days with engaging activities and socialization. Coventry House Assisted Living has libraries with many books for reading, a lounge with TVs and games, and a common room for chatting with other residents. Wi-Fi is also included in each room for connecting with family and friends via video conferencing and other capabilities.

Choose Coventry House Assisted Living

If you or your loved one needs residential care, get in touch with Coventry House Assisted Living. Serving older adults throughout Eastern Washington State, Coventry House Assisted Living is located in Othello, WA. We provide three nutritious meals each day, 24/7 health monitoring, and housekeeping and laundry service. Additionally, our staff schedules social events and activities so that residents can make new friends and keep up the hobbies they love. For more information about independent senior living near Eastern WA, contact us today.

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