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Socializing With Your New Community

Group of residents taking picture together while gathered around tableLimited social opportunities can have a drastic impact on aging seniors. Assisted living communities help reconcile that by providing residents with plenty of opportunities for social engagement and interaction. Many residents go on to form strong connections with other residents and caregivers. However, socializing and connecting as a new member of an assisted living community isn’t always easy. Here, Coventry House Assisted Living offers advice on how you or a loved one can engage with new residents and form lasting relationships.

Why Socialization Is So Important

A lack of a social circle can negatively impact a person at any age, especially as one grows older. Loneliness and isolation can cause harm, not just in terms of mental and emotional health but physical health, as well.

Much like our bodies crave food and water, we also crave human engagement. It’s been found that poor socialization was associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke. In addition, feelings of loneliness are often associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Social opportunities and engaging with others provide a wide variety of health benefits for older adults, such as lowering the risk of many health concerns, such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular health conditions, some cancers, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stress and high blood pressure
  • Mental health concerns
  • Physical health

Join Community Activities

What’s great about assisted living facilities is they generally have event calendars filled with engaging activities in which residents can participate. These activities encourage residents to interact with one another. All residents are recommended to join, helping create a good sense of community within the facility. Taking part in these events is a great way for new residents to introduce themselves and make new acquaintances with individuals who have similar interests.

Frequently Visit Common Areas

Senior assisted living facilities have numerous common areas that residents are encouraged to utilize. These areas can include television rooms, lounge spaces, reading areas, and more. They’re designed to make it easier for residents to meet and interact with one another to form strong bonds. While residents can stay in their rooms, they’re strongly encouraged to get out and meet with others. Even if it’s for a short time, hanging out in common areas helps them form bonds with new people and cater to their need for socialization.

Remain Friendly

Residents who are new to a senior living community may find it difficult to settle in. The transition can be new and unsettling for some. Adjusting to this new situation and living environment requires a positive attitude. Without both, new residents will have trouble establishing connections and seizing opportunities to socialize with others.

Small, positive gestures can go a long way in the eyes of other residents. Something as simple as a smile can open up the door for conversation and future encounters. The worst thing a new resident can do is have a negative attitude about their situation. Instead, residents should embrace one another and find community.

Socialization Opportunities at Our Assisted Living Community

The power of socialization can’t be understated. Everyone, especially aging adults, must tend to their socialization needs by interacting with others. Failing to do so can lead to a host of troubling medical concerns, including feelings of loneliness.

Coventry House Assisted Living in Othello, Washington, understands the importance of senior socialization. Our team works hard to coordinate plenty of opportunities for residents to interact with one another and create meaningful relationships. With a variety of amenities, events, and spaces, we have the resources to host many gatherings for our residents. Staff members and others go to great lengths to make Coventry House Assisted Living feel like a community for residents. For more information about the importance of socialization for elderly residents or what opportunities are available at our assisted living community, call us at 509-488-1000 or contact us today.

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